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From April to June I have been occupied as a student assistant at an institute at university. My task was to help in moving the old website to the universities Typo3 instance (new website). While doing so I replaced the header photos with new ones. I took this as a chance and asked the administrators of the universities computing centre to take me with them to the local bwGrid node, a computing grid for scientific calculations. The photos came out pretty good and in the meantime have been reused by other people for all kinds of things.

I was also asked to take some photos for the website of another institute. I am quite satisfied with the photos, though they have been shot in a way that they look good as a small picture slice on those websites. So intentionally some of them won’t make good fullscreen photos.

To make those and the other photos I took/take online accessible I decided to set up a MediaGoblin instance. MediaGoblin is a GNU project that aims to build a flickr/deviantart/etc. alternative (see Wikipedia or the official website for a more detailed description). I have been sitting on the dev mailinglist since two or three months and silently been experimenting with the software. So time to publicly link it now: http://media.micha.elmueller.net/.

For now the instance has registration disabled, since I want to be able to adapt the installation to my own needs. I hope to be able to find some time in contributing something to the project.

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