I regularly participate in events by the Chaos Computer Club. I’ve been to the camp and held some seminars here in Ulm. Besides that we have a radio program at a free radio station here in Ulm: /dev/radio is on every two weeks for two hours at 13:00. 102.6 Mhz / Radio freeFM. Free radio means that anybody who becomes a member of the non-profit association and pays a small annual fee can get his own slot. /dev/radio plays only free music. Meaning music under a free license, preferably Creative Commons.

In one of the last broadcasts matou and hannes (right and left in the photo above) set up a challenge to submit a proposal for a jingle. A few hours before deadline I decided to give it a try. This is what I came up with:

soundcloud direct link

The morse code in the beginning was originally created by matou via a smartphone morse app. I applied various effects and did some editing on it. The background song is licensed as CC-BY-NC and is called “Rooted in Peace” by rocavaco. It is available here.

Chaos Communication Camp 2011

The CCCamp repeats every four years. It is organized by the german Chaos Computer Club and is basically a big get-together for Hackers from all around the world. The camp is placed in the german city Finowfurt, near Berlin. The Camp itself is on an old Sowjet airport. Lectures are held in the hangars and on the whole camping side you can find old airplanes. Pretty cool atmosphere!

I attended the camp with some friends and had an amazing time. I met many interesting people, attended a hell lot of talks. Did some very interesting workshops and learned a lot new stuff. Probably one of the better weeks :-).

Best talk: OpenLeaks
What to say? I think they are doing a great job, from seeing the stuff and talking to the people behind the platform I have a very good impression. Technically very competent people. Friendly and honest.

It makes me angry to see people talk them down! I was critical in some points and so I went to their tent and talked to them! This is why you go to such a camp! If you talk to people you get new insights and different points of view. In the end this helps you to make up your own judicious opinion.

How I see it, the exclusion of Daniel Domscheit-Berg from the CCC was clearly a mistake. Unrational, childish and in rage. This is an absolutely unacceptable behaviour for a club that advises our government in security issues.

Best workshop: Live Coding with Fluxus
(fluxus) is a framework for Live Coding. It uses OpenGL as a Backend and Scheme as a programming language. The workshop focused on the performance of a VJ and was very interesting. Within 2 or 3 hours cupe_cupe developed a pretty impressive music visualization. There was also a DJane at the workshop who did the music for the visualization 🙂 . This is how a workshop should be!

For the awesome photos below I have to give credit to Seder.
You can download the High Resolution pics from his deviantART page.

We also used a soup for the time during the camp. There are some more photos we took.

Update: Best radio summary I found: 1 live Reportage (WDR) (Audio, Laufzeit 37:56)


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