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For the past few weeks I have been working intensely on a new project: A timelapse of the city Ulm, where I live in. When I had the idea I started searching around for pictures of Ulm with locations I liked. For half the locations I didn’t have any idea from where this was shot. In the meantime I have filmed a timelapse at about 25-30 locations. Some multiple times. My lense actually froze 2 times! Some locations don’t look as good as I thought, so not all are in the final video.

The artist spinmeister was so kind to provide an instrumental version of his song “Moments in Space” for this video. The song is licensed under CC-BY and available here.

The video was actually shown as a supporting movie in a local cinema here for one week.

There are some really amazing stills in the movie which I uploaded in full resolution to deviantART my MediaGoblin instance. They make pretty good wallpapers!

Update: Wow, the video has been online for ~2 days and has been viewed more than 3.000 times!
I posted it to Facebook, Twitter and G+ and am quite surprised how fast it spread! In the meantime I did a little interview with the Cineasta, where the movie was shown as a supporting movie. Check it out here (in german).

Update: Hello visitors, from the SWP :).

direct link to vimeo

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18 Responses

  1. Luca says:

    Hey mate u r great! absolutely good stuff well done!
    I am working at uni of ulm as well and I’d like to have chat with couple of beers sometimes.

  2. Flo says:

    Great video! My favorite are the water reflection parts and the carousel.

  3. Mahmoud says:

    Great video dude, i have lived in Ulm for 6 months and this video brought lots of great memories back , thanks alot :):)

  4. Stefan says:

    Good job, man! It’s fantastic!

  5. admin says:

    Hey Luca, thanks! Sounds good! I’ll get back to you in the new year!

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  7. dermatthias says:

    Hat mir sehr gut gefallen! Hab’s heute morgen auf meinen Fernseher mit der Vimeo App angeschaut (ja, mein Fernseher hat Apps. Jahr 2011…Alter ich fass es selbst nicht wirklich, wir leben IN der Zukunft :)), in HD und Pipapo. Super!

    Mir war nur die erste Einstellung viel zu kurz, da hätte ich gerne mehr von gesehen.

  8. Philipp says:

    Super Video! Genau solche Produktionen braucht Ulm. Bin auch noch am Überlegen ein Video mit Nachtfahrt durch Ulm zu drehen. Warte aber noch auf die Nikon D800.

    Grüße, Philipp

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  10. Mark says:

    Well done. Da schlägt das Ulmer Herz gleich wieder ganz schnell!

  11. Bene says:

    danke für das tolle Video meiner Heimatstadt

  12. Martin says:

    Herrlich! Wie schön die Heimat doch ist…
    Beste Grüße aus München

  13. Alison Abrell says:

    Super Video… die Wasser Aufnahmen einfach Klasse…:)

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  15. Hallo Michael,

    grade eben erst ein Jahr danach sah ich den Film das erste Mal. Sofort habe ich den Link an 11 Leute geschickt, die die Bilder wie ich mehrere Male geniessen werden. Danke.

  16. Michi says:

    Hi Felix, schön zu hören — danke für das Kompliment!

  17. Melissa Vondaggenhausen morley says:

    It has been over 20 years since I was last in Ulm. Thank you for bringing good memories!

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